1 gold list: https://mt2.org/forum/metin2-pvp-serverler/

2 private servers: http://www.zafer2.com

3 private servers: http://editsizserverler.org

4 private servers: http://wslikserverler.net

5 private servers: http://emekserverler.com

6 private servers: https://www.emekserverler.net

Metin2, the Metin2 logo and graphics are trademarks of YMIR. Co., Ltd. Metin2 is published by its licensee. Further content used here are trademarks of their respective owners. We have no affiliation or relationship with them. This is a 2021 Metin2 Private Server Toplist for Metin2 P Servers.

New ! 2022 agario Private Server List

agario is a web and app game with simplistic rules and a minimalistic design. Despite this, the game grew to great global prominence in 2015 2020, and the narratives players constructed within the game had great sociopolitical implications from its affects on web…

2022 Agario unblocked Server List

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